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Due Diligence

Our thorough due diligence

At c*funds, we strongly value the quality of our relationships. We put our names on the line with every introduction. Therefore we go through thorough due diligence, ensuring that both limited partners and fund managers have the most meaningful conversations.

Fund managers

We look to identify fund managers who have proven their capabilities in managing long term capital commitments. We strive to work with fund managers with ample track record, experience, and expertise in their industry focus.



a) We assess the investment strategy in terms of clarity, consistency, effectiveness, and replicability within the current market conditions.
b) We look for fund investment strategies strongly backed by the conviction of the fund manager. These strategies must be clear, consistent, and replicable within the current market environment.

Long Term Partnership

We look to build long term partnerships with the fund managers and LPs we work with. We focus not only on the fund, but the subsequent relationships between both parties as well.


Track Record

We value consistent, replicable, risk adjusted performance. We look for managers that have been able to demonstrate strong performance through different market conditions and economic cycles.

Terms and Conditions

c*funds strongly values transparency and we expect the same from the fund managers we work with. We look for terms that are clear, transparent, and have a strong interest alignment between the fund managers and their LPs.