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Limited Partners

Limited Partners are third party investors in an alternative investment fund. They can invest in different funds with assets classes such as Venture Capital, Private Equity, Real Estate, Private Debt or Infrastructure. Limited Partners commit capital that is managed by the General Partner of the fund.

Limited Partner types

c*funds has relationships with a diverse group of Limited Partners. Our warm relationships range from Single and Multi Family Offices, Asset Managers, Corporates, Endowments, Insurance companies and Pensions.

Family Offices are the most flexible of all Limited Partner types, with diverse preferences that are often directed by the preferences of the governing family. Larger Pension funds may have liquidity requirements and other types such as Insurance companies may focus on reducing the risk profile of their investments. Corporates often invest strategically alongside their operational focus.

Private equity fundraising
is our expertise

B EUR fund mandates in placement
deep LP relations worldwide
LP meetings annually
annual global PE events presence

How we work with our Limited Partners

c*funds has relationships with decision makers at each organisation we speak with. We understand their desired asset class, investment focus, allocation timeline, and track record requirements. We are able to make relevant, meaningful connections for our clients.

We have regular check-ins with our LP’s to receive feedback on the funds they have reviewed as well as co-ordinating GP-LP introduction calls. By working closely alongside our LP’s and GP’s we are able to add value at each stage of the fundraising process.

Private equity fundraising is our expertise

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Limited Partners

c*funds has a network of c.400 Limited Partners with whom we understand their specific investment preferences (asset class, geographic preference, allocation time frame and track record requirements). We meet new LP’s on a weekly basis so this list continues to grow. We can introduce your fund to relevant LP’s within our network.

“c*funds is a professional and dynamic team that eases the private equity fundraising process and helped make this lengthy process more effective. Although based in the US, we have found working with c*funds to be easy and their methods to be extremely helpful and professional.”

Stonly Baptiste
Partner of Urban Us, New York & San Francisco