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c*funds & Experiences for VC’s and PE funds (50-600 M EUR)

By February 7, 2020May 30th, 2022No Comments

Thanks to Akarsh Dhaiya who interviewed us for this experience sharing!

Now our c*funds interview is live! If you are interested to know about c*funds –  Fund Placement Agent experience for VC’s and PE funds (50-600 M EUR) have gained the last 2 years, please listen to our podcast (28 min) at Podcast/Apple or Spotify.

You will hear Katalin Gallyas – our Managing Director personal experience as a placement agent dealing with the sharks in Private Equity with c*funds’ team. It is based on Katalin’s personal experience of interacting with many mega investors (LPs, family offices, Fund of Funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, etc.) and highly ambitious fundraising fund managers (GPs) from all over the globe.

UNBOXING THE LP-GP DYNAMICS with Katalin Gallyas hashtag#applepodcast hashtag#vcfunding hashtag#privateequity hashtag#growthcapital #LIVE hashtag#EP9 hashtag#spotify  hashtag#VC hashtag#venturecapital hashtag#howtoraiseafund hashtag#PE hashtag#LP