Primary funds fundraising

Finding relevant Limited Partner (LP) relations is as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack. It’s time consuming, frustrating and difficult to know LP’s exact mandates, taste and screening procedures.

c*funds has heavily invested in understanding and updating the investment mandates of more than 400 global LPs. This enables us to accelerate the process of opening up meaningful LP conversations for our GPs.

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Primary funds fundraising in a nutshell

It is our mission to make fundraising a more inclusive and transparent process. Changing traditional processes to a digitally enabled, diverse and agile approach.

This is what that means for Primary fund fundraising:

  • We review your existing fund pre-marketing materials (USP’s, pitch deck, teaser)
  • Fast and professional preparation of top quality fund documentation (both content and graphic design) ensuring your fund marketing is compliant to the level that it will appeal to many LPs
  • We provide practice based Data Room Advisory
  • Benchmark your competitor funds to get access to their LPs
  • Give access to an exclusive/relevant LP network in your investment area
  • Support you with ongoing LP conversations all the way through to capital commitment
  • We advise with fund branding visibility through speaking slots, booth /event participation in a curated PE fundraising events where we have partnerships with *(SuperReturn, 0100 conference, PE-Insight, MarketsGroups)
  • In addition we prepare attendee LP insights and coach you on how to optimise your LP meetings at suitable PE event

We help you to stand
out from the (GP) crowd

We work very closely with our clients (GPs), often acting as their Investor Relations Manager for the upcoming closing. We spend time with our GPs to understand their track record, personal achievements, portfolio management skills, exits & multiples so that we can market the investment offer properly.

We help GPs reach the private equity market standard with their fund offer in terms of tools, phrasing and brand visibility. Often new managers need help with identifying their USPs and structuring LP incentives.

“c*funds is a professional and dynamic team that eases the private equity fundraising process and helped make this lengthy process more effective. Although based in the US, we have found working with c*funds to be easy and their methods to be extremely helpful and professional.”

Stonly Baptiste

Partner of Urban Us, New York & San Francisco
GPs helped with fundraising
deep LP relations worldwide
LP meetings annually
annual global PE events presence


We have a number of different fundraising packages for our clients.

High-Intensity Package

Duration: 4 months
  • For managers that have already had their first close
  • Pre-marketing is already of a high-quality
  • We introduce you to our “warm LP” relations who are complementary to your existing base
  • We assist with making relevant LP meetings and supporting the DD process
  • On-demand assistance with managing PE event participations/LP meetings
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Introductory Package

We also have an introductory package of advisory services which provides industry best practice and guidance on how to correctly set up your fund marketing materials. Contact us for more information about the introductory package.

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Full-Service Active Marketing Campaign

Duration: 6 months
  • This package is suitable for fund managers that are in an early stage of their fund marketing
  • Pre-marketing and data-room advisory services (including pre-marketing graphic design uplift)
  • LP campaign management
  • PE event management on-demand
  • We assist with relevant LP meetings, DD, terms and closing the deal
  • This collaboration has 2 stages: 4 months of active campaign management including strong pre-marketing advisory and the last 2 months are follow-up activities related to the ongoing conversations.
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the c*funds approach

c*funds has longstanding expertise to apply in assessing your fundraising capabilities in the current, volatile private alternative asset markets.

Holistic approach to your
fundraising process

Extensive experience with a
diverse range of backgrounds

Hands-on, mentoring
relationship with our GPs

Independent, boutique approach

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