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Finding the right Limited Partners for a Venture Capital Impact Fund



Closing the fund with €110M


Oversubscribed by nearly 40%

Fund type
Venture Capital Impact Fund

Europe, Benelux-focused


Client needs

This fund wanted to diversify their LP base globally and were looking for a long-term fundraising partner that understands their needs. This global fund also needed a global investor base.


  • Pre-marketing support
  • Introductions to LPs and facilitating meetings
  • Campaign management and communicating feedback
  • DD assistance and finalizing LP commitments

The challenge

The first challenge we faced with this fund is that their geographical focus was very niche as there was a large focus on The Netherlands. This meant that this made it difficult to find suitable LPs that were open to such a specific geographic focus.

The second challenge we faced was a time constraint within the campaign. There was a short turnaround time (there were only a couple of months left) before their final close, which meant that LPs had to move faster than normal.

Our approach

We tackled the first challenge by setting up a targeted international LP campaign with a wide funnel and strong diversification. Therefore we focused on LPs that had an explicit interest in impact investments (Venture Capital) in Europe.
Furthermore, we had to move quickly to kick-off the campaign to start the LP introductions, keeping in mind the time constraints of the final close.

The key results

  • €110 M+


  • Significantly-sized

    LP ticket from a US based pension fund

  • Supported

    the DD with the interested LPs

  • Long-term

    international LP relationships built

  • Raised

    the quality of their pre-marketing to “excellent”

* We have known the LP for several years and met them through a mutual connection. By regular communication with them, we were up to date with their investment strategy and knew that an introduction to the fund we supported would make sense as there was an excellent mandate fit.

Do you want to know more?

Get in touch with Katalin Gallyas.
Managing Director c*funds.