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Co-Investments and Direct Deals

We translate our experience in raising primary funds into the direct investing market.
Direct deals
c*funds can help to raise capital for top tier Series B + deals (from €5M) from qualified global investors.
Alongside primary fund investments, we offer our LP base direct deal and co-investment opportunities and can connect you to relevant counterparties.

c*funds provides turnkey fundraising services for both products and working with the tighter time frames set by these deals (~4 weeks).

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Co-Investments and Direct Deals in a nutshell

It is our mission to make fundraising a more inclusive and transparent process. Changing traditional processes to a digitally enabled and agile approach.

These are our steps for Direct Deal and Co-investment fundraising:

  • Verify the appetite of our LP network for your deal
  • If sufficient interest is present, we proceed on a collaboration agreement
  • Make the introductions and get you in front of LPs to pitch your deal

Finding the right
person at the right time

Whether you are looking to find partners to act on a time sensitive deal or an investor seeking opportunistic direct deal flow, c*funds can leverage its extensive LP network to assist you in identifying potential parties that can act quickly on time sensitive co-investments and direct deals.

“c*funds is a professional and dynamic team that eases the private equity fundraising process and helped make this lengthy process more effective. Although based in the US, we have found working with c*funds to be easy and their methods to be extremely helpful and professional.”

Stonly Baptiste

Partner of Urban Us, New York & San Francisco
GPs helped with fundraising
deep LP relations worldwide
LP meetings annually
annual global PE events presence

the c*funds approach

c*funds has longstanding expertise to apply in assessing your fundraising capabilities in the current, volatile private alternative asset markets.

Holistic approach to your
fundraising process

Extensive experience with a
diverse range of backgrounds

Hands-on, mentoring
relationship with our GP’s

Independent, boutique approach

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions asked in regards to our Direct/Co-investment fundraising process.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate in contacting us!

What is the collaboration period?

Typically between 3-5 weeks

What is the minimum deal stage and size?

Series B + deals (from €5M onwards )

Do you want to know more?

Get in touch with Katalin Gallyas.
Managing Director c*funds.