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We offer bespoke fundraising services, catering to the unique requirements and timeframes of different investment deals. Our aim is to provide a clean, easy-to-follow, and informative experience, guiding you through the intricacies of fundraising and maximizing your investment potential.

Fund Placement

c*funds specializes in comprehensive fundraising services, offering solutions for various investment needs. Our expertise lies in four key areas:

Primary Fundraising

Finding suitable Limited Partner (LP) relations can be challenging and time-consuming. We have invested heavily in understanding the mandates, preferences, and screening procedures of over 500 LPs globally. This enables us to streamline the process, facilitating meaningful conversations between LPs and General Partners (GPs).

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Co-Investments and Direct Deals

Building on our experience in primary funds, we extend our services to the direct investing market. We assist in raising capital from qualified global investors and also offer our LP base opportunities for direct deals and co-investments, connecting them with relevant counterparties. We work directly with GPs and their portfolio companies.

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As the demand for primary commitments increases, the secondaries market experiences growth. At c*funds, we provide solutions for clients seeking portfolio liquidity, and investments in the secondaries space. Leveraging our extensive network from primary fundraising activities, we advise and facilitate secondary transactions, specializing in LP sales and acquisitions.

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GP Stakes

We assist GPs that are looking for these liquidity options as well as investors who are looking for GP stakes. We also work with other unique vehicles such as an umbrella of funds.

Limited Partner Deal Sourcing?

We are constantly in contact with new fund managers, direct deals, or secondary opportunities, and can match you with opportunities that are most relevant to you.