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global presence

c*funds has established its presence across three continents, serving the diverse investment needs of clients in Europe, Asia, and North America. With its main office based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, a second office strategically located in Singapore, and a dedicated representative in New York and London, c*funds has solidified its position as a trusted intermediary between investors and lucrative investment opportunities worldwide.

North America

Our commitment to clients extends to North America, where we have a dedicated representative based in New York. As a prominent financial hub in the US, New York attracts a wide range of investors and fund managers. With our local presence, we can cater to the needs of North American clients, establishing valuable connections and providing personalized services tailored to the unique requirements of this region.


Recognizing vast opportunities in the Asian market we expanded our presence to Singapore. This strategic move allows us to tap into the thriving economies of Southeast Asia, facilitating connections with prominent fund managers, family offices, and institutional investors. Our office in Singapore enables us to be well-positioned and attract investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with promising investment opportunities from the dynamic Asian market.


Our headquarters in Amsterdam serves as the central hub for our operations. Situated in the heart of Europe, this location provides a strong foothold for establishing and nurturing relationships with prominent European investment institutions, fund managers, and high-net-worth individuals. From this bustling European city, we effectively bridge the gap between capital seekers and investors, unlocking a world of investment potential.