our dedicated team

Managing Director

Katalin Gallyas

Katalin is an experienced fund placement agent for AIF funds. 15+ years of fundraising experience and a strong background in closing deals. Rich network in Private Equity (VC’s, growth, debt venture funds and LP’s, HNWI’s, FoF’s, Family offices). Proud of making c*funds happen, managing the fund sales processes and the daily tasks of managing this energetic team.

Motto: Large tickets. Fast progress. A fascination for funds of funds.

Senior Associate and Investor Relations

Guy Whitfield

After graduating with an MSc from the University of Exeter, Guy started his career as a financial analyst in London. Prior to c*funds Guy was advising and conducting data and financial analysis for a consultancy firm in Amsterdam.

He provides strategic and tactical guidance to VC and PE clients and manages a variety of funds during the fundraising campaigns. He is also responsible for maintaining and forming new relationships with a diverse range of investors on a global scale.

Associate & Investor Relations

Annelle Finol

Having an encompassing experience in the world of international finance, Annelle brings rich wealth management knowledge to c*funds. Prior to moving to Amsterdam, she was based in New York as an Investment Consultant for UHNI at Merrill Lynch. During her time there she developed sound skills in investor relations, portfolio management and relationship management. As well as extensive knowledge of markets, investment platforms, solutions, and relevant contacts. She is tactful and pragmatic about your new LP relations.
She provides strategic and tactical guidance to VC and PE clients and manages a variety of funds during the fundraising campaigns. She is also responsible for maintaining and forming new relationships with a diverse range of investors on a global scale.
Associate & Investor Relations

Lieke Giltay

Lieke is a young, bright talent with excellent and international academic records. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam, with a cum laude MSc Business Administration and a MSc in Political Economy. She previously worked in the finance team at an economic consultancy firm and at a sustainable tech company. Her knowledge of private equity and venture capital help her in supporting the GP campaign management. With strong analytical work she improves our daily LP reachout with a bright and fresh approach.
Associate & Investor Relations

Joep Uijttewaal

Joep holds a Finance MSc from VU Amsterdam and he brings a wealth of M&A experience onboard.

Previously he was an Associate in the M&A team at PwC Amsterdam and a Corporate Finance Analyst at ShineWing Australia. Joep also has a strong PE / VC background as he worked for two Dutch GP’s, where he was involved with deal structuring and evaluation. Joep manages GP mandates in a highly transactional way and builds constantly new Benelux LP relations for c*funds. The global mindset with a strong PE affinity.

Associate & Investor Relations

Liz Gapes

Liz has extensive experience as a Senior Associate at PwC in New Zealand and the Netherlands. From her time as an elite athlete representing New Zealand in the high jump, she brings top performance and endurance to Private Equity fundraising. She has fulfilled several Corporate Finance and Financial Due Diligence expert roles performing financial statement and industry market analysis for M&A and debt refinancing transactions. Liz brings a great mix of strong communication skills and a high-performance attitude to fundraising.
Graphic Designer

Marta Szegner

Marta is a highly skilled graphic designer who is superbly creative and assessable to the designs from a business point of view.
At c*funds, her role is to make fund marketing materials (pitch decks and teasers) look professional, fresh and engaging. She also plays a vital role in c*funds brand development and website redesign. Marta studied Bachelor of Foreign Trade /Economics in Budapest & Amsterdam. Her market experiences come from 6 years of advertising agency work at J. Walter Thompson.
Executive Assistant

Ashlee Reynolds

Ashlee fulfills an important linking pin role, interacting with our clients, investors and makes sure that our fundraising operation can go on smoothly.

She brings a rich experience onboard from the gaming industry and the startup world. Ashlee worked as an Executive Assistant and Community Manager for a startup company in South Africa and at an interactive design experience in Amsterdam. Her creative mindset and great organizational skills are great assets at c*funds and in the whole Private Equity industry.


Nikita Zdazinskis

Nikita is a master’s student at Erasmus University Rotterdam, specializing in Finance and Investments. Alongside that, he is a top sporter (2 Dan Taekwando) and represented Latvia in international games. He is passionate about Private Equity, investing, and M&A but also has a strong affinity and experience with innovation, electric vehicles, and risk management. He is accurate, attentive, and works with a high level of responsibility for our GP campaigns.

Michael Hu

Michael brings a truly diverse and international background to c*funds. Born in the US, raised in the Dominican Republic, studied in Taiwan and the UK and now graduated in Rotterdam at the Erasmus University (Finance and Investment) Michael is fluent in English, Mandarin and Spanish and is devoted to impact investing. His strong analytical skills and strong positive attitude is a great contribution to c*funds and to the private equity sector.

Timothy Guo

Timothy (Yingjie Guo) is a young finance professional who graduated from Shanghai University and completed the bachelor of Business Administration specializing in Finance at the University of Amsterdam. He is talented at tennis, modelling and mathematics. He speaks 5 languages fluently (Mandarin, English, Dutch, French and German) and he is a great piano player as well. He is very fast at conducting research and is a strong support in our fundraising campaigns.

Code of conduct and core values of the c*funds team

We believe in gender and ethnical diversity in private equity and we pursue this in our daily work with our c*funds team. We represent a highly diverse, versatile team (10 investment professionals/ 7 countries/ 4 continents/ 7 female -3 male). We are consciously recruiting a diverse team that can add value to the homogeneous community in Private Equity.

We bring an unique boutique feature, with a high level of execution for your LP relations.

We have a clean and fully independent market position (no equity partnerships with LP’s).

We work contextually. This means we respect LP’s allocation preferences and timing considerations. We only proceed with a fund introduction if it respects this contextual sensitivity.

We produce tangible fundraising results – fund marketing campaigns, LP calls, face-to-face LP meetings, pre-set meetings in high-caliber GP-LP matchmaking events.

We work transparently with our fund managers and are highly responsive deal-makers.