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Less competition, more funding – the Re-launch of the FTI funding scheme

By January 10, 2018May 30th, 2022No Comments

c*funds is mainly known for its grant writing for the SME 1 and SME 2 funding schemes but this is about to change!

A great EU funding alternative for scale ups has been re-launched by the European Commission this year, the Fast Track to Innovation call or otherwise known as FTI. FTI is the successor of the FTI Pilot (2015-2016). It is an innovation support programme and has been launched with the idea of providing a ‘one stop shop’ for funding innovations in the EU. FTI is meant for close-to-market innovation activities in any area of technology or application. The maximum EU funding contribution per project amounts to € 3 million. And it is not nearly as competitive as the very accessible SME2 funding scheme!

So what’s the catch?

The proposals for funding have to be submitted by a group (consortium) of companies. There must be at least 3 legally established partners (start ups, large corporates, universities etc.) involved in the project who are established in at least 3 different EU member states or countries associated to Horizon 2020. This sounds difficult but well worth considering as the competition is a lot lower due to exactly these consortium creation criteria. If the consortium is made up out of 3 partners, on average this means funding of €1 million per company. If there is a leading party within the consortium, they are able to have allocated max. 60% of the funding.

If you want full details, click here: Fast Track to Innovation

Get your FTI funding

c*funds has great track records in setting up consortia in this funding scheme. The next cut off is 21st of February 2018The needed preparation time is at least 4 weeks. If you consider to apply with your industry partners for a total consortium budget of around €3 M, please contact us! We are admitting consortia into our portfolio for the FTI funding scheme till 20th of January.