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c*funds is moving into uncharted waters: fund placements for GP’s

By September 24, 2018May 30th, 2022No Comments

c*funds is moving forward and introducing new, much more intelligent, future proof fundraising services that serve the interests of fund managers that would like to close their funds fast and efficiently.

As you may know, c*funds is an Amsterdam based specialised fundraising agency. We have guided 84 startups during the last 2 years to apply for EU innovation funds and to raise seed investments in all ranges (100k-2 M EUR). We have built a skilled team of 5 people, that effectively and efficiently write, negotiate and design documents. Now after this great experience we have taken the next step to penetrate the capital markets even more and go for the larger tickets.

So now what do we do?

From June on we shifted the company focus to use our fundraising skills more towards VC/Private Equity firms and family offices. We discovered a niche market in fundraising. Young, professional copywriters and negotiators that are fully leveraging on business intelligence that can also create amazing fund promoting documents are just very scarce in this market. It is a bit ‘dusty’ and often very male dominated, something  that I very much would like to challenge. Respecting the traditional market products, we launched new services, however, with the c*funds approach such as:

  • Fundraising services
  • Frictionless documentation & activation (closing the open funding gaps)
  • Creating a fund teaser
  • Business Intelligence feed in finding your missing LP’s for your new fund
  • Closing negotiations/deals by selected LP’s
  • Applying for the co-investment mandate from the EIF (European Investment Fund)


All these steps can be done in a fundraising sprint of 10 weeks – c*sprints activation model; the new, future-proof fundraising methodology for fund managers!  –>

10 week cfunds activation model_without explanation_small


c*funds is now constantly working with established VC’s/PE’s, institutional investors and asset managers from all over the world, where we have created the fundraising documents and started to engage new investors/LP’s. We have currently successfully worked with 12 fund managers. Many of them could secure a co-investment either from EIF or from our private investor network. The fund size that we are dealing with is 10-100 M EUR.

And how did we do this?

By incorporating our built up knowledge from previous fundraising and just by ‘training on the job’. We spoke to the relevant stakeholders, diligently studied all the documents and we just soaked up all this new knowledge. We are very driven to unlock the opportunities that we see in the inflexible asset management market. There are huge invoices for setting up ‘boring’ fund paperwork after which you still need to fundraise. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

So we make sure it never becomes dull and we always feel challenged

And the only question you have to ask yourself to always keep moving forward is: How far do you want to go?

I am grateful for these learnings and to my excellent team that is fully entrepreneurial and can make my ideas work under the current strict market conditions in the fundraising market. Exactly the same feeling as kitesurfing after windsurfing for a while. 

With fundraising love,